Risk Management

We provide mentoring, advisory and training services to clients all over the world. Our services cover strategic or project-related advice, as well as management of natural hazards or other external causes.

Human Resource Consulting

Our Clients often require specialist skills for specific periods during the startup phase of a project or are often in countries with a dearth of local talent. We assist our clients in finding the most cost effective way to solve their resource limitations by sourcing the right person with the right skills in our resource network. These specialist are available in both full and part time capacity and can help our clients bridge any skill requirements they may have.

Oil and Gas Trading

At Raven Resources Group, we continue to consolidate our global efforts, to build a comprehensive product coverage and extensive logistics and storage capability to meet global demands of Oil and Petroleum Products. Trading is the channel through which we receive and share key market information that ultimately fosters the rewarding relationship we have with our customers worldwide.

Independent Power Plants

We specialise  in developing, acquiring, operating and financing Independent Power Plants and power related assets within Sub-Sahara Africa. We capitalize on our team’s professional expertise in delivering large scale power projects on time and within budget. Our growth strategy is focused on sovereign and Industrial offtake markets to ensure sustainable growth through the expansion of existing platforms, the development of Greenfield projects and the acquisition of existing plants.

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